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That's me.
That’s me.
Hi. 🙂

So, my name is Ariel, I was born in Israel in 1991 during the Gulf War, but I lived in Romania for the past 18 years of my life.

So, if you make the math, I should be around 25 right now.

For the past 6 years of my life I had a social business in Bucharest, Romania. I closed it down in June 2016 for various reasons and ever since I’ve just been planning my next big project. The truth is: I still have no plan.

I’ve first discovered blogging in September 2006, when I first opened a blog in Romanian. I have been blogging in Romanian since 2006 and I’d say that it totally changed my life.

I think I’m not a great english speaker, so that’s why I think blogging in english will probably be a great exercise.

There’s a lot to be added here. Soon. 🙂