Attila, officially a capoeira teacher

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This is Attila, officially a capoeira teacher. Under the muscles he shows and behind his knowledge about fighting, there’s another Attila: the unexpected artist. He composes songs and poems in Portuguese, he draws and paints, he cooks, but what he seems to like the most is to sing. His voice is crazy!

I’ve spent some time with him around his place, in Budapest, where he has his a small capoeira training room. He trains there, but he also gives classes to kids. I saw him teach kids about the basics of capoeira and he is a great teacher. Right above his training room his mother has a small day-care.

Near his house there are two more identical houses where his extended family lives. I found this so cool! I always wanted my whole family at one place, just like an Italian family, all under one roof.

I told him I wrote a book and he looked impressed. He does not know that the book is about people like him, living a simple life, with a small business started from passion.
Attila, thanks for taking care of me in huge but amazing Budapest. And most of all thanks for letting me know a bit more about your story – you inspire me.

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