Help kids do their homework – it will make you happy!

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Help kids do their homework - it will make you happy!

There are hundreds of articles on the internet about “stuff you can do to be happy”.

All those lists include stuff like: “Hug a friend”, “Call a friend”, “Read a few pages of a book a day”, “Make some physical exercise everyday” and many more…

… but I never read this one: “Help a kid do his homework”

I’m 22 and I’ve got a 10 years old sister. I n-e-v-e-r ask her about school because I remember I hated family asking me stuff about school when I was younger…

… And I actually don’t care much about what she does at school on a daily basis. I know she does not really need my help. I didn’t have a big brother’s help when I was her age and I managed…

But today I just felt like asking her, in a friendly manner, about her homework. I wanted to be sure she did finish it and she didn’t start watching cartoons (oh, those cartoons brainwash her, I swear!) without having her bag-pack prepared…

She felt something was strange, cuz, as I said, I don’t usually check on her. She showed me her homework and it was a disaster. Not all of it, but, well, most of it.

So imagine me, a 22 years old who hated school, trying to explain to his 10 years old sister stuff about the romanian language, english language and mathematics (of which I hated the most!).

We worked for almost 3 hours. I don’t have any clue when time passed. I just know we did redo all the homework.

In those 3 hours I felt great playing the role of a teacher. Although I am the kind of guy who’s kinda’ve got anger management problems. I’m not very patient usually – but this time I was.

I taught her how to read the english word “brother” and “there”. She is having problems reading the “th” parts of english words.

I taught her what a prefix and a suffix is. And I learned (and then showed her how to do it) a little 5th grade mathematics.

It felt so fucking great at the end! I was proud of myself for spending quality time with her. I never or rarely do that. I was proud of her because she respected me as a teacher – although usually we are just acting like brothers, making fun of one another.

Hope one day she is gonna read this, in english, and remember this great day. 🙂

So, help kids do their homework – it will make you happy!

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