How to Monetize Your Passion While in High School or University

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Truth is that somewhere in the 10th grade, while in high school, I started earning money by doing things I enjoyed doing – writing that was.

I was being asked by brands to write articles on different subjects and I was payed to do it. No, not advertisements, but articles on subjects that could indirectly promote the brand or a service or product of the brand. I had full freedom. I could be as creative as I felt like being. And I could work for wherever I felt like it. No eight to five.

I had an opportunity that not many could have at that age. I was 17 years old. And I was earning a lot of money for my age.

Later on, while at high school, I did continue doing what I was enjoying: I was wasting nights on the internet, reading and writing all kinds of articles or just admiring the newest and coolest online advertising campaigns.

It didn’t take long and I was contacted by someone who wanted to hire me. Me, hired? No way. I’ve got no time! I gotta’ go to school, you know? That’s like 6-7 hours a day. When could I have time for a job? For a “real” job.

But with all those thoughts, I still wanted to be hired. It was cool to be the only hired kid in class. It was cool to have my own money. I already had my own money, but I had the opportunity to get even more. And it was also cool because the job was in advertising … and I was passionate about it.

And so I accepted being hired, payed monthly. After 6-7 hours of high school I was going to stay for about 3 hours at the office. And no, I was not feeling exhausted, but the opposite – I felt I had more and more energy. And that’s because I was freakin’ enthusiastic about my job.

Years passed by and I did continue doing, constantly, till this day, what I enjoyed doing. Whenever I have to do something I don’t enjoy, an alarm is triggered in my brain. The alarm says: “Dude, you are on the wrong track. You are doing something you dislike. Stop it ASAP!”

So I figured that for monetizing your passion you just have to follow a few key steps. And I kinda’ made a list for myself which I will share right here:

1. Tell the world what you can do.

If you are going to see me on the street you wouldn’t figure I enjoy writing. It’s not written on my forehead I do that. So I have to tell you: “Yo, I am the kind of person who writes.” šŸ™‚

Many times we just forget telling the people who surround us about the stuff we can do well, about the stuff we enjoy doing, about our passions.

But if we start telling people our passion, we are amazed by the huge quantity of opportunities that appear out of nowhere on a daily basis.

Today I have a bicycle messenger company (but I do still write and I do still enjoy it) and it’s just amazing when, at a meeting, with 3 or 4 people around, I say a few things about my company and, in no time, at least 2 people from the meeting want to work with me. Or want to talk to me more about the opportunities we have one for another.

Same thing happened in high school with my writing passion. But at a smaller scale.

Tell the world what you can do. Don’t brag. Just tell. And be confident.

2. When it’s not enough to tell, show!

A lot of people have a big mouth, but few are those who actually do what they say they can do.

After you tell somebody about the things you can do, he will search for your work. First thing that happens when I tell people I’ve written a book is that they google it. They want to know if it’s true – and if it is, they want to see the feedback.

And it’s normal that they do that. I’d do the same.

And let’s not forget about the classic “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” quote – if you really are a writer, then people should have heard about your work. At least about one piece of your work. And they’d have to remember: “Ah, you are the one who wrote the great article about … [whatever subject]”

3. There is no “I don’t have time”.

Yes, passions are those horrible “things” that eat A LOT of your time. And most of the time they don’t even bring financial compensation, but they surely bring something that we call “happiness”.

And we all know that happiness is not something we can buy, right?

So, if you really are passionate about something, there is no way you don’t have time for that something. Find time! Make time!

Even if you go to sleep later, you must cultivate you passion on a daily basis. It’s the indirect way of cultivating you happiness.

4. Talk to you circle of friends.

Any passion can be monetized these days!

Imagine, we have wailers! Those are people passionate about crying. So if they can make money by crying, you can surely make money with your passion!

It’s true, it’s harder at the beginning, but that’s why you have to talk to your social circles: friends, family, neighbours, your local community – they all have to know about what you do. (check out point number 1 of this article.)

Those social circles are the ones who will help you monetize your passion carrying the word around. That’s called “word of mouth”. They will talk about you. They will recommend you.

5. Get a blog and be transparent!

I am NOT kidding, a blog these days is extremely important for any human being that wants to monetize his passion – even if his passion has nothing to do with writing or the online industry.

On a blog you have the great opportunity of being transparent. You can write in detail about you passion. You can stay connected to your “fans”. Maybe “fans” is a big word, but with your “admirers” for sure!

Get a blog and write everything down. All that is going on with your passion. It will help you also on a personal level, no matter if you only have two readers (of which one will be your mother! happened to me!)

6. Steal!

Steal some skills from the people around. Admire those who already did monetize their passion.

It’s scientifically proven that sportsman, while watching videos of other sportsman exercising, have their muscles contract subconsciously. They actually workout just by watching other people really working out.

Same thing happens with us if you watch people monetizing they passion. We learn and we don’t even realise it!

And, at the end, don’t forget:

The best moment to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best moment is now.

Start working for your passion now so you can have a great tree in 20 years. šŸ™‚

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