The Century of Being Easily Distracted

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The Century of Being Easily Distracted

Oh, how I love the 21st century – we’ve got great technology, internet is all over and people are cleaner than ever…

But this is the century of being easily distracted.

For example, when I start writing something on my laptop I may also have a tab opened on Chrome. There are huge chanses that somebody will start, God know for what stupid reason, chatting with me.

That will freaking distract my ass off. So I click the Facebook tab, answer to that person and close the tab for good so I can focus on my writing.

A few minutes later my phone, connected to the wireless, starts beeping and glimmering all around – so I can’t continue writing unless I check it.

I check it and then I turn the Wi-Fi off of it.

I start writing again and after just a few more minutes my phone starts ringing.

You can’t just ignore a ringning phone these days – what if it’s something important?

I check it. Most of the time I’ll answer.

After I answer my phone I make sure I mute it and throw it as far as I can from my working space so I can finish my stuff.

What else could distract me now?!

Well it could be my stomach, cuz here, in the century of being easily distracted, people don’t eat regularly – at least I don’t – so if no technology will distract me now, my freaking body will!

I go and grab some food from the fridge and my second phone rings. (Oh, yes, I’ve got two phones, cuz that’s what people do in this century – they talk on the phone a lot!)

So I talk while eating.

30 minutes later I go back to my laptop and wonder what the hell was I doing. Cuz I have a feeling I was doing something.

I look through my opened tabs and there’s my blog, with an “Add new post” page half written.

Damn you, distractions!

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