How to find inspiration for writing? Don’t.

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How to find inspiration for writing? Don't.

For years I thought inspiration is something that just comes, from time to time, and knocks on my door. For years I thought that when inspiration knocks on my door, I’ll have to “welcome it” and start writing.

But for years I’ve been stupidly lying to myself, not knowing that inspiration is actually something that knocks on my door whenever I want it to knock on my door.

You don’t just wait for inspiration if you want to write or do whatever you like doing. You have to get yourself inspired. You have to make inspiration knock on your door whenever you feel like making it knock on your door.

Inspiration is actually something that changes your mood. Being inspired is actually a mood, a simple mindset.

We all know that we have to take action whenever we want to change something in our lives. Oh well, that’s exactly the difference between “looking and waiting for inspiration” and “inspiring yourself whenever you want to inspire yourself”.

You don’t have to find inspiration for writing, inspiration for singing or for art in general. You, actually, don’t have to find inspiration in life.

All you actually have to do is to inspire yourself. You have to learn how to inspire yourself because you don’t want to depend on those moments in life when you are, mostly, not inspired.

So here are a few things I do to get into the right mindset when I want to sit down and write. And I would like to underline the word “want”.

1. I go to a really silent place or a really loud place.

That’s simply because I can focus when it’s silent. And a loud place is easily comparable to a silent place. Loud places don’t distract me. And being focused means I’m not distracted by anything. Most of the time I’m not distracted when there are hundred of people around chatting. But I am really easy to distract in a place where I can easily hear what people chat about.

2. I prepare myself a hot drink – most of the time tea.

It calms my body down and it helps me focus, yet again. For some people it works with alcohol. For others it works with coffee. We are all different so maybe you just have to find your own “special writing drink”.

3. I make a plan of what I want to write.

Simply because it gets me in the mood of writing. And by “making a plan” I mean sketching with words or short sentences the article or chapter I want to start writing.

4. And if I’m still not in the mood for writing… then I just start writing!

The simplest way of entering a mindset is starting. Think about yourself when you aren’t hungry but, after feeling a good smell of fresh food, you soon get your appetite back. Body-wise, eating is not a necessity. It’s all in your head.

That’s exactly what happens when you want to start writing but you don’t feel you are in the mood. Just force yourself and start writing. It will get you in the right mood as soon as possible.

Inspiration is an excuse. For your own good, stop using it and just start doing what you want to do.

Don’t ever wait for things to happen or knock on your door. Make them knock!

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