5 ways blogging changed my life!

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5 ways blogging changed my life!

So, here I am, doing the biggest thing a blogger can ever do: start writing on his blog again, after an undeserved break.

I’m actually blogging on my personal Romanian blog (arielu.ro) since September 2006 almost daily. I’m getting great traffic, great comments, great money and also great life lessons.

Here, on my English blog, I stopped writing about a month after opening it. But that’s just wrong. So here I am, back again, after two years of not writing on it.

The best moment to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best moment is now!

In more than six years of blogging in Romanian I’ve learned more than just five lessons. But here, today, I’m only going to write about the best five ways that blogging changed my life.

So, here it is: 5 ways blogging changed my life!

1. I’m no longer having thought blocks. Having and wanting to write something down each and every day on my blog I had to learn how to overcome thought blocks, how to constantly find new ideas of subjects to write on. I have a totally new and creative mindset now. I feel free like a bird when writing!

2. I know how to argue! When you blog you can’t just write: “I like the new Batman movie.” … nope, that’s not enough and that’s surely not a post someone would like to read. When you blog you gotta say why you like the new Batman movie. Blogging is a great exercise: it makes you think. It makes you learn how to find and use arguments to prove your initial thought. Again, I think it’s a new mindset that I’m having: the mindset of easily finding and knowing how to use arguments.

3. I have clear thoughts that I can also explain to others. Einstein had a quote saying that if you don’t know how to explain something to another human being, that means you didn’t quiet understand the thing you are trying to explain. Writing down helped me order my thoughts and organize myself.

4. I’ve learned how to easily express myself and I rarely pause while talking in a desperate search for words. Ideas rush from my head to my mouth or my hands while typing. Expressing my feelings was never easier.

5. I’ve turned myself into a good writer and speaker. Writing a lot makes you write well. Maybe not in English, cuz it’s not my native language, but I can write really well and without great effort in Romanian. Also, my vocabulary is greater and they way sentences just form up in my brain is great!

Blogging is just a great exercise! It makes you a great person, helping you in so-so-so many ways!

I’ve met a lot of people through my blog, I’ve visited tons of places because of my blog, I also earned some good cash through my blog and it’s just a matter of time if my blog is actually going to get me married.

Sooo… Best piece of advice I can give you is: START BLOGGING! Now! Just like that, for yourself, as an exercise. You will thank me someday!

And… no, don’t stop. Just keep on doing it.

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